Second Hand Shops

Everything in Japan is expensive, but if you want to save some money, these 2nd hand shops (or recycle shops) may be the way. NB: bargaining and haggling is not the done thing in Japan, so don’t expect much of a discount if you don’t like the price.


Mondo Books
This is Nagoya’s only English & Multilingual used books store. It’s a great place to find unusual books and relax on the sofa. They also have movie nights. Located near Kamimaezu. You can also find them on facebook where they advertise the movie nights and other events.



There are a number of Kimble 2nd hand shops but the one at Sengen cho is the most central. The store is incredibly cramped but has its own special charm (kind of similar to Don Quixote). Floor one has imported foods, 2nd hand watches and jewellery. Floor two has clothes and furniture. Floor three has sofas, tables and electronics. You can get a dvd player for 2000yen, and a cheap sofa for around 1000yen. There is a delivery charge of around 2000yen.
Tokugawa Recycle Shop
This shop just south east of Tokugawa garden (south of Ozone) has a wide range of furniture, washing machines and electrical items. The 500yen delivery fee is also pretty good.


Sun Hill
A second hand antique shop just north of Tsurumai.


Hard Off Group
The hilarious sounding Hard-off group is perhaps best known for ‘Book Off’, which sells books, cds and dvds. If you are lucky, you might actually get a dvd for less than 1000yen!

BOOK OFF (books, cds, dvds)

HARD OFF (Electronics, games, musical instruments)

MODE OFF (clothes)

GARAGE OFF (car parts)

HOBBY OFF (toys and games)

OFF HOUSE (all of the above)

there are lots of ‘Hard Off’ group shops in Nagoya. check here



‘B Life’
This recycle shop is based in Hirabari. They have various electrical items, decorations and pieces of furniture. There is a ‘Book Off’ just across the road from it, so you can have a double dose of discount shopping. map



Vintage toys, models, comics, costumes, etc. Located near Kamimaezu. Be warned- some of the models in this shop are for 18 years+  website


2nd hand video games and consoles
Can be found in Book Off and some large internet/comic cafes such as GEO 


This high end second hand shop is based in Osu, near the shopping arcade. The store is split into 3 buildings, selling various high end goods- jewellery, watches, cameras, designer clothes, leather items, musical instruments. There are a number of other vintage clothes shops in the Osu/Kamimaezu area.


Second hand designer watch shop in Osu. Very high end goods.


Second hand designer bags. also in Osu. High end goods.


Nagoya has Flea markets from time to time
click here

Here is a map of recycle shop locations in Central Nagoya>


These shops are a bit further out of town>>

Recycle Mart
Near Moriyama station in north Nagoya


‘2nd Street’ recycle shop
2nd street
Another big recycle shop chain. They have various stores in Aichi, but most are based outside central Nagoya. The closest to central Nagoya is at Irigaike Koen.Website


Sairyo Ichiba
Big chain of recycle shops, but based quite far out of central Nagoya.



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